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WHM Women Who Have Changed The World

As women, we exude power! We don’t need men (although who’s gonna change those lightbulbs), the media or this society to validate us. However, one thing we do require is representation and recognition.


We’ve made huge strides in the fields of politics, science, art, and entertainment. But one thing we want to emphasize is that the only reason we are at this point today is because of the women who have come before us.


Thank God Congress gave us our own month and here at GIG, we’re taking it and running with it! From Rosa Parks to Michelle Obama, we are celebrating the great contributions women have made to American culture. We’re grateful for the women who had their firsts so that we didn’t have our lasts. We’re grateful for their audaciousness because it fed us the potion of resilience. And hey, we’re grateful for all of you women who are killing it in the game.

There are too many women in our nation’s history to count, but we’re sharing a good chunk that you may or may not know of! Nothing wrong with expanding our minds and supporting women who are doing and have done great things.


1. Oprah


Oprah in Harper's Bazaar

Most of us recognize this media mogul for the highest rated talk show of all time, “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Additionally, she’s a total boss in business, a philanthropist and an Oscar-nominated actress. She was also the first Black woman to become a multi-billionaire. Don’t confuse her affluence with her influence, though. Oprah’s endorsement alone proved to boost President Obama’s primary election. She’s one of the most influential women in the world so it only made sense that we began March with her!


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