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The weather is already starting to get cooler — hello, autumn! — and our days outside will soon be limited. That means it’s the perfect time to throw a wine party indoors. Here’s a list of fun wine party ideas that will make you appreciate the vino a little more. And here’s a tip: think outside of the Moscato!


1. Do a pot luck

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Don’t drink alone like Miss Olivia Pope. Nothing is better than when you and your friends make their specialty dishes for everyone to taste. Get an idea of what everyone is making, so you can suggest the best type of wine that would complement their dish.

2. Dessert only

betty white big wine glass

Who doesn’t love dessert? (If you have friends who don’t like dessert, seriously, get new friends.) Make (or buy) something chocolatey or prepare a fruit platter. Get wine that tastes sweeter than the dessert. It will make everything taster better! Here’s a tip from Wine Folly, if your dessert is sweeter than your wine, it will actually make your dessert taste bitter and tart. Try a port wine or banyul if you’re in a chocolate mood. For something lighter, such as cheesecake, pair it with Sauternes.

3. Get fancy!

nene wine

How often do we really take the time to dress up and spend time with our loved ones when it’s not a holiday or birthday? This is the perfect opportunity to put on your finest threads and do it up with caviar, cheese platters, and seafood. A three-course meal would be most ideal for this. Don’t be afraid to get a little sophistiratchet with it and let loose with your best DJ Mustard playlist. This ain’t your grandma’s dinner party.

4. Sip-and-see

mama dee sips tea

TV watch parties are the best! Everyone is there for the common goal, and that’s to watch your favorite show. So if you’re watching something like Scandal, drink like Olivia (just with people). Treat wines like the characters: Olivia is grounded, so drink an oaky wine like Chardonnay; Melle is spicy, so go for a Cabernet Franc or malbec. Get more flavor suggestions here.

5. Grill the cheese!

grilled cheese

I love a good grilled cheese, and chances are your friends do too. There are so many yummy combinations for grilled cheese sandwiches like bacon, maple syrup, gruyère, and asiago; sriracha, avocado, and cheddar; and even Fruity Pebbles, apple slices, and taleggio cheese. We recommend a rose because it complements these cheese with a little bit of fruit.

What ideas would you try for a wine party?


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