As a young black girl suffering from severe boredom I often wrote poetry to express myself. So when I flipped through the last issue of Essence Magazine (the one with Jada on the cover) that celebrated the love we all should have for ourselves as black women – I instantly became inspired. With so much going on in life it was a refreshing read.


I am gonna share my work with you but here’s my disclaimer: I am sensitive about my shit (in my Erykah Badu voice) so please leave a comment to show your love.


My smooth creamy like brown skin illustrates my courage
The courage that was passed down to me from other great sisters before me
Woman who didn’t take no for an answer
And ignored those racial chants so that I could be better
I love being a Black Woman.

The kinks and waves in my hair that I cannot deny
Proves my determination
I’m naturally beautiful – by default.
Long or short, my bella tresses are here to stay.
I love being a Black Woman.

Let’s not forget about my curves
Curves that America may not accept
But sure longs to own for themselves.

My curves show you my journey
And the journey of my family.
I love being a Black Woman.

My strut that stands tall at any height
Gives off confidence that demands respect.
Respect that I have earned because
I love being a Black Woman.

Check out some of my fav celebs as they tell you why they love being a black woman.

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  1. July 30, 2011 / 1:30 pm

    I loved it! Especially the line about your curves and how America doesn’t accept them, but long for them. Keep on sharing!

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