In a perfect world, after the dust of the drama settles, you just might be able to be friends with your ex … right?


Ok so here’s the scenario – Your boyfriend totally loves you and wants to show you off at his ex-girlfriend’s engagement party *gasps*. And let’s hope he has proposed you too. The girl in you can’t help but want to upstage homegirl but that definitely shouldn’t be your motive before heading to grab new items at your favorite retail store. Let’s just say you just wanna look good for your man, ha!

I searched for some fab, luxurious (& by that I mean very expensive) show stopping looks that may prove to be ex-girlfriend friendly – I mean you wanna let her know that you “got this” right. 

The Diva Look look – you’re going to need to get the background story for this look. Maybe he’s only friends with her for work, or perhaps she’s that one that just doesn’t believe it’s really over despite her recent engagement. You’re gonna want to show her EXACTLY who’s running things around these parts. Hopefully her engagement party is at some fabulous venue with tons of on lookers where your diva attire can shine and be seen. Now remember, when I say diva I only reference your CLOTHES. You don’t want your man upset with you for acting like a complete bish the entire night. This diva look is totally for upstaging!

the diva look

The Sexy and Smarter than her look – some say it’s the devil in us that makes us catty women. But who doesn’t want to be the smart sexy chick that swept him off his feet after she totally goofed up? As with every other look you want to walk in with confidence. Everyone will be looking because sequins is a guaranteed show shopper. Add the glasses (even if they aren’t prescription) to add a little sexy Marilyn Monroe appeal.

sexy and smarter than her look

The I’m Still Friends with her Mom Look – It’s really possible. A co-worker of mine is friends with the ex-girlfriend, the mom, and 2 other ex’s. I totally give her the side eye on occasion but hey, it works for her.. I guess. Either way even it you are friends with you ex’s family you wanna “keep it cute and trendy”. Every girl is envious of a girl who’s well put together. The easy way to do this is with all black. Never goes wrong!

im still friends with his mom look

The I will CUT you if you LOOK at him Look – Red dresses have a way of saying the most about a woman but a red leather dress will be sure to let her know who’s here to stay. And I am certain your man will probably want to help you out of this dress later and won’t even remember ‘ole what’s er face.

the I will cut you if you look at him look

Q. Are you friends with your boyfriend’s ex? How is that working for you? The Scorpio in me just … can’t!


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  1. October 15, 2011 / 11:11 am

    You know I would wear the I will cut you if you look at him look…SEXAY!

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