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First dates bring a lot of different emotions. Besides hoping your date will actually be a good time, what you wear is kind of right up there on that list of things to worry about. I’m all about leaving a good impression. Even if the date goes down the drain, at least you will still be fierce and fabulous!



What you wear on the first date can say a lot about you, and depending upon where you’re going on that date would dictate what you wear. So let’s get in to it.

Casual Date

Casual dates can be super fun with the right person and leaves a lot of options to be creative. You can do pretty much anything from bowling, shoot some pool, or basic dinner & a movie. These types of dates you want to be cute but comfortable. You don’t want to be entirely over dressed.

Pull out your favorite jeans, you know the ones that make you feel like Tyra on a runway. Be mindful of the top you would like to wear. If you’re bowling you don’t want a top where your twins can pop out. Now as for shoes, I am girl that likes to show out with her shoes. Heels are appropriate cause they add a little sexiness to any outfit. Just make sure they’re a pair that you won’t cry over if they get scuffed or stepped on.

Casual Date Idea

Outdoor Date

This is beyond casual, and hey maybe a 1st date at a carnival or outdoor movie viewing is right up your alley. You want to be super casual, but still feminine. You don’t want to be that girl walking through a park with her heels sinking into the ground.

A good pair of jeans, or maxi skirt with a peasant top and your favorite cute flats/sandals can tone down a look, but if dressed right,  is still date friendly. However if you’re a girl that loves her heels, opt for a nice wedge. This type of a date allows you to play with your accessories & things to make up for the laid back choice in clothing.

outdoors dateSexy Date

I think we all secretly hope for that Hollywood stereotype date. The kind you where you put on your sexy dress and favorite heels, and the guy takes you to the swankiest restaurant and you guys are sipping on the best wine. Now of course we know that always doesn’t happen. But let’s just say for kicks that this does happen, here is when the red bottoms and the Zara dress are totally appropriate.

For the more upscale dates I would advise against jeans. Don’t be afraid to show a little like, and maybe a hint of thigh. A great mid thigh or knee length dress still allows you to be sexy, but leaves a little something for his imagination. I advocate for a nice fitted dress. Note I said fitted not body-con. Let other aspects of your sex appeal come through. Pairing your dress with a sexy shoe and a simple clutch keeps everything sleek, chic & sexy.

Sexy date

So there you have it. Just a few ideas of what to wear to wow him (or her) on the 1st date. But no matter what you chose to wear, make sure you wear it well. Give them another reason for date #2.





  1. January 12, 2014 / 7:18 pm

    I need to get the “him” first hahaha, these are great date outfits, very fun!

    January 15, 2014 / 12:45 am


  3. Zee
    September 15, 2014 / 4:39 pm

    I like the first & second date ideas as I’m going for a causal date and more importantly I’m a gal that don’t like heels, but I can manage an ankle boot with small heel, to balance the outfit..:)

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