If you haven’t gotten the memo (a la all my IG stories and posts, my Facebook rants and my Twitter confessions) I’m getting married…in less than four months. YIKES.


I had the bright idea to move into a house and plan my own wedding. You could say that I’m stressed beyond words. I’m two seconds from heading to the courthouse or eloping. But in the midst of my frustration I received a package from BabbleBoxx that not only lifted my spirits again but got all those pre-wedding fireworks that were buried deep inside lit up and sparkling again.


Let me show you what I got!

Finding my wedding shoes has been a bit of a task. I couldn’t decided if I wanted to wear a heel for all 20 minutes of the ceremony or just go completely tomboy chic and turn up from the start of my day. But pairing these two styles from Badgley Mischka on your special day is simply the definition of a winning wedding.

The detailing on these shoes are stunning. Y’all see those crushed jewels. Here I come sir. I’m all about being fancy for the ceremony and than switching it up for the turn up. These styles are heaven sent.

What I also love about these sneakers are that I can wear them beyond my wedding. I love the idea of pairing these with distressed jeans and white shirt and heading out to brunch with my girls on the Sunday after my wedding. You see it right?

I’m kinda bummed we’ve already ordered and printed out invitations. The William Arthur Collection is impeccable. They have full wedding stationery suites, including Save The Dates, Invitations, Reply Cards, Monogrammed Stationery, and more. Their designs are filled with calligraphic fonts, rich textiles and warm and fuzzy color palettes. I fell in love with the styles offered. If you’re looking for stationery you can enter the promotion code “WABRIDAL20” at checkout on the William Arthur website for a 20% discount.

Maps by A.Jaffe also sent over a custom map necklace (not pictured because I moved and I’m all flustered). But what I love most is that each custom map include a small diamond that marks the exact location of a special memory. Insert all the tears because I also got a custom message engraved that says. Williams Est 2017. And because A.Jaffe loves us both here’s your coupon code for 20% off your next purchase: “GIG09MAP”

I was reminded that we haven’t put any thought into our wedding registry when I got the little post card from Zola. I promptly set up my account and now I’m 30 minutes into the endless scroll of gifts, experiences, and funds that they offer. I am seriously about to ask for everything. The mobile app allows you to update on the go, whenever, wherever you are. I am in Heaven.

You guys know I am a skin care junkie to the core. So I am super excited about the Renew Me: Restoring Serum. This will be used from now until the wedding day. Now that I think of it a trip to the European Wax Center might need to be added to my bridal prep activities. I kinda feel like you might need a trip to European Wax Center too so just drop my name “Ty” and you’ll get 20% off services. You can book your reservation here: http://www.waxcenter.com/reservations

My list treat were these Hanky Panky panties. I’m thinking these are more a treat for him but still much-needed. Now I have my something blue for my big day.

Not sure if you’ve gathered from this post but I am officially OUT of the wedding blues and ready to finishing planning my wedding. Thanks BabbleBoxx!

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  1. Jen
    June 2, 2017 / 9:50 pm

    I plan on wearing sneakers lol so those lovely sneakers are up my alley. Thanks for the lovely look into the box and codes. If I stop charging my mind this stuff will be useful lol happy wedding and forever happiness!!

  2. O'Sheaka V Belmar
    June 3, 2017 / 8:32 am

    I changed into a pair of flats literally outside before I walked into my reception. I found jewled flat sandals with blue bottoms by BellaBelle shoes & I definitely plan to wear them against soon! (Hellooooo Essence Fest!) I planned my own wedding & it IS possible. Just take time to breathe & don’t let anyone steal ur joy or try to diminish ur vision for your special day!

  3. Shanell
    June 7, 2017 / 7:07 pm

    Just wanted to drop a quick Thank you shout out for the 20% discount at European Wax Center all the way out here in Oakland CA you’re appreciated!!!

  4. Winona
    August 16, 2017 / 10:31 pm

    I’m soooo happy for you!! Loving both pairs of shoes. Not getting married yet, but I need some wedding shoes anyway. You can always use new stationary, so thank you and again happy , happy!!

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