wedding dress shopping tips

No this wasn't my dress.

Shopping for a wedding dress can be both wildly fun and seriously daunting on your soul (watch my first wedding dress shopping vlog here). I remember having major anxiety trying to shop for my wedding dress. From what style I wanted to wear to who to invite to help me make the decision (watch my second wedding dress shopping video here). I ended up getting a dress at Pantora Bridal and the owner recently shared 10 tips that you must read before heading out to get your wedding dress. Of course, since I love you beauties I am sharing with you! 

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Don’t lie Craig!

wedding dress shopping tips

It’s ok to not know what you want. But before you get to the bridal salon try to have some idea of what you’d like to look like on your big day. Think of your theme and your budget. Remember this only happens once (for most folks) so don’t lie to yourself about your wants and needs.


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