I was way too excited when I got the invite to join the birthday celebration for celebrity hair stylist Ursula Stephen‘s. As a fellow Scorpio, I was happy to be in the building for the festivities. Plus, in my mind Ursie is my homegirl. Turns out she really does remember who I am. I think it’s the grey, LOL

I had only planned on “stopping” by to give Ursie a big birthday hug and maybe have a few complimentary cocktails (NY drinks are expensive). I came straight from work so my gear wasn’t popping as normal and I felt a little under-dressed. But two cocktails later and I was a little turnt up (btw I am a complete light-weight!). Still I was committed to leaving early so I could get home and tackle more writing.


Then a PR girl came by and said, “You gotta move, celebrities are sitting here!” Oh ok.. I’m thinking as I look around for those celebrities. I politely grinned at her, even though she was rude, and I got up and danced for a while. But I admit, I was irritated by her rudeness… so I said to my homies let’s go.

We stood by the step and repeat for a while and what do you know– celebrities! Taraji P Henson struts through the entrance and graces the step and repeat with her presence. Her leather dress was everything and was so giving me life! Then in comes ANTM alum Toccara, and a few others. So I got my celeb-fix, I’m thinking it’s really time to go now.

But as we are walking out tons of security guards are at the door and another PR girl (much nicer) came by and said we couldn’t stand in the doorway. I immediately knew someone big was coming. COULD IT BE!.. I mean she does her hair but who’s to say she’s coming to a birthday party… wait … YASSS!

Imagine my surprise when Rihanna breezed right past us. She didn’t do any pictures at the step and repeat, understandable. She made her way to that very back table I was sitting at. She partied in the corner with Taraji and Ursie very quietly while we all stalked and gazed at her. I felt really weird after about 10 minutes. I was really JUST staring at her. We couldn’t talk to her or ask for pictures with her. I was just uncomfortable. So I told my homie, I am really ready to go now.

HERE’S THE THING: I’ve never really been one to chase a celeb down for a picture or stan for them. I guess it’s the shy girl in me. I always get jealous at the bloggers who brave the awkward possibilites of a no from celebrities. And you know people are people and some are just rude. But being press has really changed my outlook on celebs. I figured that I will position myself on a red carpet soon enough and I will perhaps be able to snap that photo and ask a few questions! In the meantime I will just stare for a few. LOL.

XOXO to Motions and Siren for the invite! Check out a few of the images from the evening.

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  1. May 11, 2013 / 12:45 pm

    What a fun night. I met Rihanna in 2011…I had such an issue with me being older than her and paying what i did to see her in concert and pay for an meet and greet. Anyway I was two rows from the stage and danced my butt off. I finally got to meet her and I pretty much couldn’t talk. She just looked at me like I was a little kid. She goes “aww you’re too cute” umm at that point I was like putty. She pulled me next to her and we took our picture. I never was a stan for anybody but that girl had me looking silly that night

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