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Hey beauties, it’s Jordan!


Any one else have a hard time putting on full face? It’s especially hard for me when I’m at school and don’t have a need or want to put on foundation, contour, highlight, etc. One way to get out of that regimen is by improving the look of a makeup-free face on a daily basis.


Lucky for you, I’m going to show you five things that you can do to improve your skin!

Staying smooth right down to your toes

Face/Body/Hair Oil

When you were little, there’s a chance that your mom or dad rubbed you down in baby oil after a bath. Oil is something great to use after hopping out of a shower, after shaving, and to soften skin because it locks in the excess moisture that would be otherwise lost if you didn’t use the oil. I recommend something like the Neutrogena Body Oil to keep your skin hydrated.

Black woman putting on face lotion

Face Wash

Face wash is a great way to improve skin tone and elasticity since it does clear out the last day’s makeup, toxins, and just overall grime that may have gotten trapped under the skin during the day. Face wash can really brighten up one’s skin and tighten it up one’s skin, and when you find the perfect one, it will improve your skin for the better.

Favorite: Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion.

Woman drinking a glass of water

Drink More Water

Drinking water is one of the most proven ways to improve your skin since it hydrates the skin like no other method. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can drastically improve your skin because it causes an increased blood flow into the skin which means that your skin is getting more nutrients and is just all around better! Take a water bottle with you to class, work, or other places and you will never have an excuse not to drink water and have perfect skin every day!

skincare vitamins


Skin vitamins are a newer phenomenon, especially with the rise of hair vitamins such as Hairfinity or other hair vitamins that have components that improve hair health along with skin health. Vitamins that contain Vitamin E or Vitamin C can improve the look of spots and improve your skin’s moisture, which, in the long run, will improve the overall look of one’s skin. Vitamins are a bit of a hassle to take if you aren’t the best about taking pills or medicine on a daily basis, but once you take them for long enough, they will become another part of your daily regimen that you know will help.

skincare sleep


Remember how everyone says that you should get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep and then your life will be exponentially better? Well its definitely true when it comes to skin. 7 hours of sleep drastically changes your skin and its tone. While you sleep, the body repairs itself, which also means that your skin repairs itself. When you don’t get the full amounts of sleep it causes wrinkles and also can worsen your skin and other existing conditions, such as psoriasis and other skin conditions that you may want to get rid of.

So there you have! But what did I miss. Share your secrets for flawless skin in the comments section below.



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  1. November 12, 2015 / 11:13 am

    Ah, thanks for the reminder! I’ve neglected my skincare routine this week, so this has been a kick in the pants to get back on it, especially with winter’s drying effects really starting to kick in. (Begone, sandpaper hands!) Legit great and easy tips for anyone to get into their routine.

    I’ve also become a big fan of hyaluronic acid serum. I got an unnecessarily expensive one for a steal at TJ Maxx once (Jeffrey James The Serum) but when I ran out of that, I found one that’s like six bucks a bottle at the Swanson Vitamins website. I just put it on before my daytime moisturizer, and again after washing my face at night, before my night cream. YMMV, but I notice a difference when I’m consistent with it.
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