Anyone else feel like it’s not enough hours in a day. Is your ‘To-Do’ list running rapid at 4 pages long? Are you constantly having Twitter rants to air your life frustrations? I’ve fell victim several times lately so … I’ve come up with a short and sweet guide that you and I are going to live by from now on to stay worry free.


My Vision Board I created on my daily journal 

Inspire and Be Inspired

Have you ever really stopped to actually see the world around you? Or thoughtfully answered a few questions from someone in need. Do you remember how you felt when you did? Try creating a Vision Board on your daily journal for a constant reminder of your goals. (check out an oldie but goodie post on How to Create a Vision Board) Or perhaps offer some useful advice to your social media family. You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize that you’ve changed someone’s world. Or even better — when you open your journal to see the word ‘fabulous’ and it sparks a new profitable idea.

Organize and Prioritize

 The first thing to remember about organizing and prioritizing is that your way of doing both might change depending on your lifestyle. In my opinion there is no right or wrong way other than not doing either. So … just do it! Organize your ideas and goals and then prioritize them with due dates. Remember to look back at them at least once a day to stay on top of them. The second thing is to remember neither will work if you don’t have a checks and balance system in place. I use my phone. My Sprint EVO 3D is fabulous for everything I have to organize. Apps run my daily productivity. I’ve downloaded apps to make lists and I also have my blog’s back end site loaded for blogging on the go.

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 Team Staycation

I am a huge Team Staycation member! Just clock out on the world sometimes (not more than once a week though, this is considered lazy). Once a week I sit in silence with my thoughts just to clear me head for about an hour. I also make sure once I get in from my work day I take 30 minutes just to sit in silence. Now that Spring is here, I open the window and listen to the world outside. Staycations are our way of pressing the reset button!

AIGHTY! You know how this works. I’ve shared with you so tell me (in my comments section) how you live worry free!

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