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Throughout the years I’ve managed to be that girl who applies makeup everyday. So products like CoverFX CC Cream Time Release Treatment SPF 30 are in full rotation in my makeup bag. But wait! I know you’re probably asking yourself, “What is CC Cream and how is it different from BB Cream?”


I had to Google it myself, because honestly I wasn’t versed on this term either. So here my breakdown on the two beauty trends, plus why I’m swooning over CoverFX foundations.



The Difference:

There really is little difference between BB (beauty balm) and CC (color control/corrector) creams. BB creams are just a lighter foundation–similar to a tinted moisturizer. BB creams are not meant for full coverage. I find that they work best in the summer months when you are battling 100 (+) degree weather. 

CC creams promise to be a “color corrector” and has more pigment than a BB cream. The CC cream is meant to tackle issues like redness and provides sun protection, hydration, and treatment benefits–all in one drop! 

After trying a few BB creams, I found them to be a waste of money and time. There was NO coverage for me at all and it proved to just be eight minutes wasted in the morning.

cover fx cc cream review gorgeous in grey - 3

LEFT: N X Deep RIGHT: N Deep

Here’s why I love Cover FX:

The coverage on this is flawless! And the best part is definitely the fact that even after a hot and humid morning train ride I did not need to reapply the product for my evening shenanigans.

cover fx cc cream review gorgeous in grey

But I must warn you, it’s super thick! In the beginning I tried to use a brush, and then I went for the sponge. Both were complete epic fails. This product worked best when I used my fingers to apply. Similar to applying moisturizer, I used a dime size of the cream and then a circular motion to cover my face and neck.

The CoverFX CC Cream comes in nine shades from pink, neutral (I’m N X Deep) and golden. It retails for $45–which some would say is on the pricey side. I totally think it’s worth it. My only issue would be that’s there is no shade available for my super gorgeous dark-skinned girls?! Hopefully that’s coming!

But for me, a product that requires little work and lasts all day! SIGN ME UP!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Joanna
    September 21, 2013 / 10:42 pm

    Do you think it would hold up on oily skin tone?? Sounds like a very interesting product.

    • September 21, 2013 / 11:02 pm

      From the consistency of the cream, I think it would be ok. It’s kinda on the matte side of foundations.

  2. Brigid
    September 23, 2013 / 1:05 pm

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to find a CC cream that would actually do the job and frustration has been the only result of my efforts. I’m definitely going to get this one.

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