I am totally swooning with excitement over the newest Holiday Collection by one of my fav plus size boutiques, Monif C. This collection totally embodies glitz, glamour, and just pure fabulousness. That’s us right?! Each piece is sexy without loosing sight that we’re still curvy and we shouldn’t be showing all our rolls to the world. I am a huge fan of plus size brands that are body conscious.


What’s even better is that there are 4 dresses that totally capture the four characters of SATC and what they would wear if they were plus size. The items retail between $200-250 and you can pre-order them now for shipment as early as November 18th. My only beef is that the “Samantha” dress that I want doesn’t ship until December 5th. Y’all know I love me some sequins! Doesn’t Monif know that the Holidays begin with my birthday on November 4th. I am hoping my local plus size boutique, K Staton in Hampden, has this collection before that.

Check out the collection and swoon with me!

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