Swoon Party

Here’s the thing about dating your friends (well at least mine)…


You end up in a very awesome situation with free drinks and little tiny sandwiches that generally only tickle the top of your belly but you’re still extremely grateful for anyways!

A rooftop filled with New York’s hottest singles (that’s what Swoon promised us) packed the uber-gorgeous McKittrick Hotel on what might have been the steamiest freaking day in June. 

After consuming one really strong vodka situation and gawking at a cute boy we were all scared to talk to, we headed to the photo booth for some traditional blogger foolery.

swoon app

I downloaded the app while I was there, just for sh*ts and giggles (since I am taken). On the surface, Swoon is real cute. The app allows you to browse through a really interesting catalog of potential dates who just happen to be in the area, or friends of your friends on Facebook. 

swoon app

Once there is a mutual interest (a swipe for a swipe) you have the option to send a private message and proceed to the nevel level–if you feeling froggy?!

3 Reasons You Want To Swoon

1. The answer to your after 5pm case of boredom. Depending on where you are, and I think Manhattan is a pretty awesome geo-location for a new boo, you could be swooning for at least 30 minutes before it runs out of suggestions. And even then, the app took a slight break and then re-upped my options!

2. Giggles! I think people (especially guys) have yet to realize that it pulls in your picture from Facebook. I don’t think your Facebook profile picture should be a picture of your manhood, or you and your kids, or you and your so-called sister for life!? I still giggled though. 


3. A few hotties. Simply put, there were a few keepers. With a little patience you’re probably going to find at least a first date with someone. 

But let me give you (especially the fellas) some suggestions on how to properly swoon. There’s really just two things you MUST do.

2 Ways To Make Your Swooning Awesome

1. Upload a really great picture of yourself. Selfies are welcomed, but if you are not a pro at it hand the smartphone over to your homie and let them take the wheel. A picture is the deal breaker. So if you’re turning to the side, or all I see is that silly tatt you got when you were 18–#EPICFAIL.

2. Use it often. I found that if you’re not swiping and swooning for a consistent period, you get lost. Someone sends a message and then you send a message and now what. You’ve moved on. So the trick is keep swooning and keep swiping. The more you do it, the more potential dates you have!

HAPPY SWOONING! — Have you been swooning already? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. 

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