I haven’t committed shoe-a-cide in such a long. But when I get an email from Net-A-Porter this morning ,expressing their love for these super wedges, I nearly fainted in excitement (literally). Lord knows just for the sake of my closet lacking noteworthy shoes, I have to find a shoe sponsor soon. Although I am not even sure how I would walk in these 6 inches wedges but I sure would kill myself trying.

Pair these gorgies with a slick pencil skirt and crop top for a “I’m single and ready to mingle” look (corny I know!, LOL). Check them out!


They retail for the uber outrageous price of $1040, sheesh! In the event that I had a Gucci wallet stacked with unlimited cash to spend, here’s what I would wear them with! (I wish right!!!)

rock star wedges

Otis Maclain short sleeve top
$128 – amrag.com

Charlotte Olympia red sole heels
$1,040 – net-a-porter.com

Lodis checkbook clutch
$94 – nordstrom.com

R J Graziano cuff bracelet
$65 – bloomingdales.com

Eva Hanusova facets jewelry
$99 – endless.com


Q: So tell me, are you loving these super wedges as much I am. If so, what would you pair them with!? (I just might get that skirt!, its a cutie right!)


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  1. Sara
    April 28, 2012 / 1:05 am

    What I would wear with these CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA WEDGES, would probably be a cast for a broken ankle or leg. This is not something I would ever wear, even in my craziest dream. HOWEVER, I know there are those who would.

    I mean… come on, where are you really going to wear these shoes and what will you be doing while you wear them? They just make me laugh, so I guess they served some purpose for me. Mind you, this only applies for myself. I can not speak for anyone else. So to those that have to have these shoes…all I can say is….. “Watch your step”.

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