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Can I tell y’all how proud of this self mani I am!?


I will also share that it took freaking forever. 2 start overs and a whole movie later I was finally done. That doesn’t include the drying time either. Which was another whole movie.

But after I watched Transformers and The Beyonce Live Experience I completed my first self mani with designs!


In the beginning I had planned on using a hot pink from Urban Outfitters. I like how thick that polish is but it smudges way too easy. Especially when you think it’s dry. So .. Insert polish change.

I google some inspiration and found the Louboutin manicure. My nails aren’t that long so I remixed it a bit. I dug in my crates for 2 old polishes from Essie. Both are exclusive colors from my visits during Fashion Week.

1. Apply base coat.
2. Paint your base color with 2 coats & allow to dry completely. (mine was the First Dance from Essie)
3. Use a black nail art pen to paint a curved line.
4. Fill in the space with your second color. (mine was the Platinum Black from Essie)
5. Allow to completely dry and then apply a top coat.


My next try will probably be easier. I hope. I think I will bring that black down a lot more. For me self mani’s are my me time. I zone completely out. No thoughts about what to blog about, how I’m gonna pay this or that bill, what happy hour to crash — I only focus on how to stay in the lines, lol. Anyone else feel that way?

Anyways … tell me what’s your #POTW. Any good DIY’s I should try. Feel free to post your self mani’s on my Facebook page wall! XOXO



  1. July 24, 2012 / 2:56 pm

    be proud!! this looks fab.. go diy!

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