So about these pumps! These are my photo shoot pumps. Meaning, I’ve never worn them even though I love them to death.

They’ve made several appearances at photo shoots, including my recent shoot for Plus Model Magazine! Seriously. I tip toed throughout the shoot and all I could think of was throwing them out the window! So I knew that it was time for me to find them a happier home. 


plus model magazine shoot


At 37, I never thought I would be over 4-inch heels, but I am. My big toe doesn’t like this shoe. Actually my big toes absolutely HATES this shoes. So it’s time. Three years later, this shoe is in fresh-out-the-box shape. The pictures below will have you believing that they are blue. LIES my camera phone tells. They are actually a pretty green.

They are a size 11.5. So if you are a true size 11 or even a 12 these are perfect for you! First person to hit the Paypal button below wins! $35 includes shipping, and I’m only shipping in the US (sorry).


nine west 11.5 - 1 nine west 11.5 - 2 nine west 11.5






  1. July 2, 2015 / 6:51 pm

    Hi! I know you posted this forever ago, buttttt I love these and am totally down to buy them from you if they are still available. Let me know!

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