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Back in March I spent hours one night designing my own sneakers, via the NIKEiD Facebook app — (read that post here).


After spreading the word about the new Nike Facebook app, I was given a gift certificate for a free pair of sneakers. YO! Let me tell you how on time this is? My old sneakers smell like old garbage and are no longer a nice crisp white color. They are now kinda a dull rusty brown color much similar to nasty pond water.


Geeking much about new kicks? Yep (nods head) I am!

It was quite a task deciding what color my new kicks would be. I went from grey and black, to pink and grey, to blue and grey — can I confess that I was a bit indecisive. No one who knows me is surprised by this, since shopping is a chore for me. It has to be a perfect fit, ya know. So finally, at about 3am, I had decided what I wanted. And surprisingly, the sneakers I designed weren’t even grey.

Peep my custom sneakers with OHMYTY on them! Geeked Much, yep I am.

Neon sneakers are sooooooooo not me. But I wanted something fun and spunky while I was working out. Something that symbolized get-your-fat-butt-off-the-couch and go workout! I think I found them, *winks & giggles*. I added my twitter handle (OHMYTY) to them as an RIP. I’ll be changing my twitter name soon to fully brand myself. 

I wore them to brunch today with my boo thang. We stopped at the Graffiti Warehouse (in Baltimore) to snap a few pics. Actually brunch was payment for my photo shoot, tee hee.

I styled them up with some of my fav accessories. (everything except my shoes, watch & earrings are from Forever21, smh!)

Beyond how in style they are, they’re super-comfy and they sort of feel like an upgraded pair of Crocs or Uggs. Except minus the awful sequins, lol. AND they only took 3 weeks to be delivered.

You guys know I value your opinions, so leave me a comment and tell me how much you love or hate it. 


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