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Hey beauties, Chakayla here!


Being that I am a new mommy of a beautiful five-week-old baby boy, my love for long sessions in the vanity putting on my makeup had to change. On the average, it use to take me about thirty minutes to an hour to complete my everyday makeup look. In between feedings, burping and changing diapers, that amount of time spent on my makeup no longer flies in this household!

After forcing myself to pack a small makeup bag, and I do mean small, in my hospital bag I really began to appreciate my new ability to beat my face in fifteen minutes! After this post you will be singing like Beyonce, “I woke up like this… flawless!”

Whoever said, “the eyes are the windows to your soul,” must have had a shabby brow job! When you walk into a room, your brow is the center of attention and trust me you do not want to be caught slipping. Since we are trying to stay under fifteen minutes for your face, the brow will take the majority of your time. To cut this time in half, simply invest in a retractable pencil that has a spoolie on one end. It  will be easy to carry just one tool to groom your brows rather than two.


Mascara [Maybelline]

Mascara will be your beauty best friend when you are in a pinch for time! Not only does it instantly widen your eyes, it creates the illusion that you have on a full face of makeup. Mascara packs a potent punch when paired with liquid eyeliner!

For my mommies who just have to have their dose of eyeliner, opt for a liquid liner with a thin brush for quick and precise application.  Swipe your eyeliner of choice on your lid to accentuate your unique eye shape and leave the house looking flawless!

Complexion is just as important as your brow, so it is important to find a formula that you can easily apply when you are in a rush. To create that flawless natural look, simply buff your foundation with a mineral powder brush or stippling brush for a quick and even application. Complete your look with a rose gold blush, adding both color and a shimmery highlight on the cheek.


Pigmented Lipgloss [NYX Mega Shine Gloss]

No matter if you are a gloss girl or lipstick lover, having a highly pigmented gloss in your makeup collection will save precious minutes when you are holding your baby in one arm and your makeup in the other. Forget the liner, gloss and lipstick, you have it all in one tube! Getting glam on a time crunch never looked this amazing!

Text by Chakayla Taylor



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