Last weekend, I went to a much-needed and extremely helpful financial workshop. For me money has always been something I struggled to keep in my pocket. I want everything…all the time…and is it just me, or are there holes in my pockets, my purse and my wallet. I’m fittin’ to do better though.  The fact is, I am not alone. There are lots of statistics the prove we’re just not budgeting and managing our credit properly. And we are certainly not investing. I couldn’t tell you a thing about that. Luckily, The Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Chevrolet are seeking to educate us all over the next few week. I stopped by the Money Matters Financial Empowerment Workshop in Harlem which aims to help inform and inspire young adults about the possibilities of financial literacy and financial health.


These educational sessions demystified the complexities of college financing, credit as well as the benefits of investing, budgeting basics and was just what I needed to jumpstart my new budget-making goals.


I’ve been following Dominique Broadway for a while. She’s a personal finance blogger and “money therapist”. That sounds like help right! Her session was all about the importance of budgeting and having financial goals. How often do you right down goals? Me? Every day I am adding something new to my goals. But how often are you writing down your money goals. Me? Never! I am almost ashamed to admit that I’ve never even thought of my finances as a goal.

Mr. William Cheeks is a retiree of one of the credit bureaus and was a beacon of light for every person who was clueless about how credit scores and management worked. He is also the President of ABBA Associates Inc. Did you know that your credit score could drop 90-100 points with just one late payment? And I’ve missed so many. UGH! The best way to stay on top of things is to automate your payments.

Jessica Brown is a financial aid counselor at Howard University and CEO of the The College Gurl. Did you know that nearly $100 million dollars in scholarship go unclaimed every year? That’s so many degrees, y’all! She talked about what to do when speaking to any financial aid rep. First, always be kind and courteous. But duh! But seriously, the person that you are fussing and yelling at about free money could be the person that can solve your problems.

If you live in NY you already know Valeisha Butterfield-Jones. She is the CEO of Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN) and Head of Black Community Engagement at Google. She told stories of her personal journey and self discoveries that landed her an internship with Russell Simmons. She drilled home the point of knowing your value, what your dreams are and how you plan to reach them.

The PUSH Money Matters Events is going on the road with Detroit up next. 

Don’t forget to register!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chevy . The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. Abby Cheatham
    September 19, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    So need financial direction, thanks for sharing! Registering for Detroit!

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