Here I go again, trying to be a style blogger. This time with the help of MissGuided Plus. Their new plus line lunched back in November of last year and in true procrastinator form, I’ve been sitting on the clothes they sent me with the intention of heading outside to take pics to show you beauties the fabulousness they possess. Of course I wait until the coldest day of the year!




When it comes to trendy yet comfortable clothing, MissGuided hits it on the nail with this collection. But like any other plus size brand I’ve tried on, it will require some tailoring. I requested size 20’s because I was told that the line ran small. So NOT TRUE for me. I usually wear a size 18, everywhere. I also ordered a bunch of skirts like this checkered midi skirt in a size 18. The material is very giving and I could have gotten away with a size 16.


For some reason I am in love with plaid. Maybe because I was a teenager during the 90’s and that’s all I wore, so I could very well just be geeked to see the trend make another appearance. The only thing wrong with this plaid leather sleeved coat is that it’s truly a lightweight fall jacket. Calling it a coat is doing it a lot of disservice. It’s just not fit for the hawk that is currently ruling the streets of New York this winter.


So I layered her with this faux fur vest which absolutely gave a few sucker punches to the chill factor happening today. But I hate the fact that she doesn’t have pockets. At this point, even my underwear should have pockets. I mean! When will these retailers learn?


So if you are like me and your hands need something to do at all times, this isn’t the vest for you. The jacket also has a very low, yet chic, neckline that I somehow overlooked when I first saw her. So she needs layers and a scarf. But otherwise…I adore her and I cannot wait to rock her all this Spring because she’s best worn open.


I’m always confused when it comes to accessories. Mainly because I have so many and clearly I want to wear them all at the same damn time. I got this beanie from my boo Kela. She’s a favorite of mine (the hat and Kela). I feel uber glamorous without all the effort.


My Brooklyn snapback was a random street find this past summer. Snapbacks are not cold weather appropriate…found that out the hard way today. But expect to see her out a lot more this Spring. It’s the perfect salute to my love for the Borough that’s as close as I am gonna get to my former Baltimore city life!


So now that you know I spent the blizzard of 2015 outside snapping photos what did you do?

Photos by Mikael Aaron.

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  1. January 27, 2015 / 10:44 pm

    YES, to the plaid and leather sleeves! Super cute outfit. I love the hat..*clears throat* Kela, where’s mine! HA.


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