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OMGEEZY! I realize I’ve been real rude and I didn’t introduce my new (not so new anymore) lifestyle writer. Plus size fashion blogger and all around badass entrepreneur, Maui Bigelow has been penning some of your favorite posts since June 2015!


Maui’s style of writing is much similar to mine so you might not have even noticed. But she’s filled with the same snarky sass that you’ve come to love in me. I instantly fell in love with her from the moment we connected over the Innanets.

From 10 Things You Should Know About Fat Girls (Like Me) to 6 Things Every Black Couple Should Think About Before Getting Into A Relationship, Maui has some pretty dope tips on how to make your life a little simpler!

“I am just a fat nerdy girl who loves life and lives it to the fullest.  My heart’s desire is to use my voice to connect women and encourage them to use theirs. I am not always politically correct or ladylike but all I do is queen sh#t and I believe all women should do the same.”

Make sure you beauties follow Maui all over the Innanets. She mad funny.

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