imageToday we’re going to talk about being scale-obsessed. Is that you? Do you know someone who is? Being scale-obsessed is someone who constantly weighs themselves and focuses only on the numbers.



When I started my weight loss and fitness journey in June 2012, I was all about the scale. I was definitely scale obsessed. I thought that the scale was the determining factor of what weight loss and being fit really meant. The results of my hard work was defined by the number on the scale. If I loss weight, I was totally excited. But if my weight increased, I allowed it to affect my entire mood and the disappointment and feelings of failure would throw me off track. I started to allow the scale to dictate my joy and journey to a healthier me.

I used to weigh myself twice a day; mainly at work. Surprisingly, I didn’t own a scale. However, throughout the work day I would find myself drifting over to scale to see if my weight had changed.

Eventually I got over being scale-obsessed. How? Well, by doing research online, consulting my doctor and over time I’ve learned to chill and take it one day at a time. I’ve come learn that our weight fluctuates so much that you really can’t get a good grip on your overall weight loss week to week when you’re weighing in every day.

Over time I have came to appreciate losing inches. It’s much more rewarding and fulfilling than focusing on the scale. I have really started to notice how my clothes fit much better. How my jeans hug my slimming thighs. Many thanks to the awesome workout program, Brazil Butt Lift! Gotta love those squats and lunges! What was actually happening was that I was losing body fat. My body fat was turning into muscle. What the scale doesn’t show you is body fat percentage. There lies the real proof of ones hard work and sacrifice.

Ladies, remember the scale is not the only a measuring tool to determine your weight loss goals. Our weight might not be going down, but you can still be losing fat.

My words of advice…

  1. Don’t focus on the scale.
  2. Don’t become obsessed with weight.
  3. Weigh yourself monthly, if you must.
  4. Toss the scale!
  5. Focus on setting realistic goals and working towards them.
  6. Measure and weigh other areas of your journey (like building your endurance, increasing reps when you’re strength training, or how well those new jeans fit).


Are you scale-obsessed?  Share your health measurements in the comments below.

Until next time, build your own scale!


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