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The BET Awards are coming up and it’s no surprise that we’ll all come together in Twitterland to watch and tweet. This may be one of the most anticipated awards shows for #BlackTwitter since #OscarsSoWhite and that awful interesting Prince tribute on the Billboard Music Awards.

After BET came through with the shade on their awards promo everyone is anxious to see what the network is going to do to pay their respects to the late entertainer. Although I’m excited for the Prince tribute that’s not what I’m really looking forward to. Twitter is my snack during BET Awards and I am always hungry!


Sure Snapchat is dominating the digital world right now but when it comes to award shows, Twitter is still the King! You can always expect a good time on Twitter between the endless memes and gifs. You may even get a good trending hashtag if something exceptionally exciting happens. I’m always here for the awards show live tweeting but sometimes you guys do ruin it. Well, I’m not having it this year.

I want to go back to the 2011 Twitter when I could enjoy the awards and laugh at the clever tweets from brands and influencers alike. In order to do this, let me help you out with some rules on what NOT to tweet during the BET Awards.

Played out slang

playour slang

Haters gonna hate, ballers gonna ball, and your proper tweeting self needs to continue to do so instead of attempting to be down like Brandy.

Confuse the artist

total beauty tweet

If you need to do research beforehand, do it! I will NOT be here for you guys mixing up Michael “Bae” Jordan for Young Thug. By the way, who is Young Thug?

Shove your “woke” tweets in our mentions

bet awards tweets

We get it, you’ve unchained yourself from mainstream media’s beauty standards and now you are woke. But can a girl enjoy Beyonce slinging her weave in peace?

Compare the BET Awards to another awards show

Go on somewhere and “sat down” with alla that. I don’t care if the awards consist of Lil Mama spitting bars while crip walking in light up sneakers. After finding out that “Our” talent isn’t enough, I’ll be grateful to even have an award show to showcase it.

If we can avoid these tweets, we just might get back to the days when Twitter was fun during award shows. If you have anything to add to our rules tweet them or comment below.

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