Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than wearing a matching bra and panty set for a night out on the town. But for some women, there’s an added level of stress.


“How can I relax and enjoy the night with my adult incontinence issue?”


Half of women say bladder leaks affect their personal confidence when they’re doing things they enjoy1. It may seem like it but ladies you are not alone in this. 1 in 3 women experience bladder leaks2. But that shouldn’t discourage you from living your best life

This past October we were invited to spend a wonderful night with the team from Always Discreet Boutique getting primped, pampered and educated about an issue that most of us are too bashful to talk about: adult incontinence.

Women from all ages gathered and shared their life experiences with the Always Discreet team. We were even blessed to have renowned dateologist and author Tracey Steinberg share her expert dating tips with us – mainly the role confidence plays in making you look and feel your best for dating at any age and any stage, including through marriage. Remember ladies, it is still important to date your partner even if you’ve been married for what feels like forever! While that can be hard for some people as they age, especially for the 50% of women the experience a loss in confidence due to incontinence, Always Discreet Boutique is here to ensure you can continue to live your life feeling confident and sexy in your underwear choice while still getting the protection you need!

Our friends at Always Discreet are on a mission to shift the perception of bladder leaks protection with a beautifully designed product that offers maximum protection without sacrificing a woman’s confidence. There was so much thought behind the design of this product! Always Discreet Boutique talked to thousands of women who were frustrated with the current options for bladder leak underwear on the market. They discovered that 2 in 3 women who have tried bladder leak underwear avoided wearing them altogether even when they felt like they needed it1. That is an alarming stat – can you imagine not wearing something you know you need because you are unsatisfied with the current options on the market?

More than a pad or protective underwear, Always Discreet Boutique was designed to meet the distinct needs of women. Created with various shapes of women in mind, Always Discreet Boutique comes in different sizes and cuts so women feel free to wear the clothes and looks they love. No more forgoing those skinny jeans or your favorite pencil skirt because you’re embarrassed of your bulky bladder leak coverage. With a non-woven waistband, Always Discreet Boutique provides the breathability you need to feel comfortable, confident and feminine all day.

With its fashionable new design and sleek packaging, Always Discreet Boutique is changing the way the world thinks about bladder protection. From the silky fabric, beautiful rose tone to its RapidDry™ technology, Always Discreet Boutique is designed for maximum comfort and versatility. At the event, one of the Always Discreet Scientist preformed a demo to show just how much liquid the product can really hold. When she held up a beaker full of water, I thought, no way, the product can’t possibly hold THAT much liquid but to my surprise it did, and the core was COMPLETELY dry instantly. More than I can say for the leading competitor brand.

Always Discreet Boutique is beautiful panty drawer-worthy underwear that offers incredible protection from unexpected leaks and neutralizes odors instantly. Don’t just take my word for it, see what all the fuss is about here.

Text by Veronica Hilbring

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Always Discreet brand. All opinions are my own.

1The Always Discreet Boutique Online Study was conducted by MSLGROUP Research.

2Fem Care AI analysis – “Nielsen Homescan Panel ending March 2012 looking at Fem Care purchases in HH 50+ that have no teenagers at home.”


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  1. Emma
    June 21, 2018 / 11:48 pm

    This comment is somewhat late I guess but these are a great product. Women tend to often be nervous about finding a clean toilet in time; especially when on long car trips or flights. The result is we tend to restrict drinks to avoid disgusting highway or airplane toilets. I actually think all women should have these on in those situations. They allow you to stay hydrated without worries. It’s both easier and healthier. What do you think?

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