Ty Alexander Illest Hat-4

I’ve never claimed to be a style blogger, although I try. And since so many of you have asked for a peek into my closet here’s me trying to be fly and over sharing per usual.


Accessories will always be my main love. Although I love playing dress up I’m not easily impressed by designer clothes and really…I could wear all black everyday (but my bloggers friends won’t let me). So when I find a dope accessory, my little fashion heart swoons into uncontrollable circles and my finger tips get all warm the minute I go to swipe my credit card.


Ty Alexander Illest Hat-1

I feel like accessories totally get me. Whether it’s a statement necklace (of which I have maybe 60, Ima have a sale soon don’t worry!) or this “Illest” beanie that I got for $4.00. Look at gawd! Being all thoughtful, considering my growing need to buy things but nurturing the adult in me who needs commas in her savings account at all times.

Originally I was looking for a hat that had my date of birth on it. Until I realized that even though I am proud to be 38-years-old, I didn’t necessarily want to broadcast that via a beanie stamped 1976. So I searched Amazon for a hat stamped “Dope,” cause well…hell, I’m dope. While the hats that had dope on them were pretty dope (duh) I wanted to be a little different. Insert my new fave.

Ty Alexander Illest Hat-2

I’m not even sure if we’re saying illest these days. Outside of Kanye and Wale, is this a word used in everyday conversation. All questions I asked myself at the time I went to click buy, and then I suddenly said, “Whatever I love this hat…bump it.”

Ya know, sometimes I get it right. I think this was one of those times, right?! This hat is one of my proudest find to date. Not just because it was $4, but I mean…look at her, she’s dope and fresh without even saying it.

Feening for my style, shop it here!


If you are looking for the exact beanie I bought, click on any of the images of me modeling that hat. LOL.



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