I’m always getting compliments on my statement necklaces, and truthfully, I probably only wear 15 or so from my 100+ collection (I know, I’ve got a bad shopping habit). Statement necklaces are pretty for any girl whose style isn’t over the top. If you are like me, you buy boring black and white pieces and you might be obsessed with white tees and jeans. And this isn’t a bad thing.

Statement necklaces offer that boom factor we all want in our daily looks but without trying too hard. But shopping for statement necklaces can be an intimidating challenge as most of us always want to match everything. Le sigh!


So here’s a few tips on how to wear (and shop) for statement necklaces plus a video of my favorites in my collection.

How to shop and wear statement necklaces

1. No matchy matchy!

For the record, I’m burning that rule I mentioned above. Your necklaces don’t have to perfectly match anything. Besides, you’re most likely not going to remember every single item in your closet. Buy it because you think it’s pretty. Or because it reminded you of that happy place we all search for daily. When you are shopping for accessories, always apply the rule of “shop now find something to wear with it later.”

2. Boobs matter. 

Shop for the size of your chest. I don’t wear necklaces that dangle down my chest, because my chest is dangling enough for all the continents in Africa (thanks Raven!). Just like your clothes your statement necklace to be a good fit for your body type.

3. Try me.

Always try them on! Or at least hold them up to your neck. They all seem pretty at first, especially on sale, until you get them home and it’s now choking you to death and you may or may not have seen the light. If you must do online shopping, just make sure you use your math skills and pay attention to the dimensions or compare yourself to the look that the model is wearing.

Shop a few of my crushes below.

Check out a video of some of my favorites in my collection.



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  1. October 20, 2017 / 9:25 am

    Hi there, Ty!

    You had a great wedding! I saw the video you’ve shared. Anyways, I recently bought the same necklace you have there from Bohoo, the black one, with black deets. You’re right with this rule “shop now find something to wear with it later”. The sad part part is, I just bought it without thinking what to match with it. Do you it will best look with a nice sleeves or a light colored turtle neck?

    Many thanks,

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