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Denim just so happens to be one of my favorite fabrics to wear. As long as it has at least 2% lycra, we’re best friends!


Now that I am living on a New York budget, I am always on the hunt for stylish budget-friendly pieces that can work will anything in my closet.

I found this denim midi skirt at Sears hiding behind a few sweaters. Mentally I am so not ready for sweater weather so I almost looked past it.

This skirt is a size 16 and has a lot of stretch in it. Regardless, I was happy that I could squeeze all my goods inside.

Denim can also be styled quite a few different ways depending on how you are feeling.

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Denim on denim is a new celebrity favorite that takes all of the thinking out of getting dressed. Just pair your light and dark denim together and you are instantly on-trend!

I realized that a belt was missing, so when I do debut this look…there will be more accessories!

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Crop tops are a new trend that every curvy chick has adopted. This is especially amazing for the curvy girl who is overloaded with confidence and is dying to show off her mid-section. I like to get crop tops that come a little below my chest and are loose-fitting. I hate being constricted.

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This is probably my favorite look. Mainly because I have on sneakers…and they are neon. I’ve added a few statement graphic tees to my closet that scream, “You probably have an awesome personality.” Which, if you are a creative professional like me, could increase your followers, ha!

I’m headed back to Sears this week, hopefully they have a few size 20’s or maybe my workout sessions last week will led me to a smaller size…meh!


What trends have you beauties indulged in this season?

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