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Spring cleaning is as much about getting your house in order as it is about throwing away unnecessary items. As you clean out your closet, don’t forget to organize what’s left so that its easier to navigate. Of course, the best method for organizing your closet depends on what works for you, but here are five ways to sort your clothes that will make your life easier.



Sort by Article Type

Organized ClosetSeparating shoes from clothes from lingerie might be the most obvious way to sort your closet but you can keep your space even more organized by taking this method a step further–separate your wardrobe based on the article of clothing. Keep skirts in one corner and fold jeans in another. Hang button ups in one area and put your dresses on the opposite side. This way, when you want to wear a specific type of item you’ll know exactly where to go!

Sort by Color

Rainbow Closet

How many times have you searched for that red dress or your favorite pink skirt but have no clue where it might be? Sorting your closet by colors makes it easier to find items if you think of your outfits in terms of their hues. Follow the rainbow – ROYGBV –  or separate by darks, lights, and brights and whites like you would your laundry.

Sort by Occasion

Clothes by Type Organized Closet

You probably wouldn’t wear the same outfit to work as you would on a date, right? Make getting dressed each morning – or night – easier by sorting your clothes according to the appropriate occasion. Designate a section for business/work clothes, another for casual wear, and one for getting dressed up. This way, when you’re putting together an outfit for an occasion all your potential options are in the same corner.

Sort by Frequency of wear

Woman's ClosetMaybe placing party dresses next to board meeting suits doesn’t bother you but you have to admit – you still probably have a few go-to items for each occasion right? Whether it’s for work or weekend, place the items you wear regularly towards the front of your closet and put the less often worn items further away. The next time you’re looking for your go-to club dress or power suit it will be super easy to find!

Sort by Season

Colored Hangers

If you’re fortunate enough to have a lot of closet space you don’t have to put away your clothes at the end of each season – but you should still keep them separated. Store cold weather items like sweaters and boots in one section and have another area for your summer items like miniskirts and swimsuits. Keep an easily accessible third section for all-weather pieces like t-shirts. Like this idea but don’t have enough space for different sections? Assign each season a different hanger color so the right pieces for the season are easy to find!

Do you have tips for organizing your closet? Leave your tips below in the comments section.


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  1. April 6, 2015 / 10:19 am

    I have been sorting by color for years! It’s the only way I can organize.

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