We all love King Bey and her song that made us feel like the queens that we are, but even royalty makes mistakes. We all have insecurities and go through tough times in life that can really affect our mindsets.


Being “flawless” is a coined phrase to be taken lightly, but we should not take it so literal that we forget to be human. Being yourself is the perfect way to put that “flawless” mentality to good use. Living in a world where Instagram is life and perfection is a common and encouraged mentality, it’s detrimental to our personal wellness and doesn’t contribute to positive feelings about ourselves.


Here are three reasons why being perfect isn’t something we should be aiming for and why you are flawless the way you are.

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1. Lessons to Blessings:


Sometimes we have a picture in our heads of how things are supposed to be, so when things don’t go the way we want them to, we label it as a failure. Those events that we deem a failure are often blessings in disguise. There are blessings hidden in those failures that can change your life in the best ways (if you let them).

When you go through a rough patch, you learn so much about yourself that you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t pushed through that struggle. You become an evolved woman and all of your hopes and dreams become much more valuable to you. You start to appreciate things and be thankful for what you have and you look at life in a positive way.

So next time you get down in the dumps about something, look for the positives in the situation, appreciate them, and move on. After all, no one great had a perfect past and often they have a story to tell that inspires others. Be that inspiring person to someone else and tell them how you got through that storm. Instead of striving to be “Perfect Patty,” how about just being you! Those around you will appreciate you so much for that.


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  1. July 22, 2015 / 2:46 am

    Life is so short to be sad and stressed. Think about things that makes you happy and be with the people who brings out the best in you. There are no such things as perfect but being who you are is more than perfect. You don’t need to change just to pleased other people. There will be people who won’t like you but just don’t mind them after all it is your life though there are circumstances that you need to listen to other people opinion. Everybody encounter problems and troubles, but served as a lesson to be wiser than yesterday. Don’t let that thing be the wall towards your dreams. Always think positive because it attracts good vibes.

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