Over the past year or so I have grown to love working out in the morning. At 5 am be exact! And, for someone who wasn’t fond of working out in the morning, it’s actually been quite enjoyable. The house is peaceful and quiet. No interruptions from the kids or the dog. Just me and Shaun T, creator of T25 and Insanity…just to name a few; sweatin’ it out in the basement. I love that guy!


But keeping up with my exercise routine isn’t the problem.  My eating habits have been some junk. I’ve stopped drinking my meal replacement smoothies every morning and I haven’t been consistent with packing my mid-morning/afternoon snacks as I normally do. I have been feeling a bit lazy and extremely busier than usual.



I know slipping off every now and then is normal, but don’t allow yourself to spiral too far off course. The goal is not to make a habit of it.

Here a few tips to help you get back on track:

How to Get Back on the Healthy Track

  1. Plan and prepare your meals in advance for the week (including mid-day snacks).
  2. Make out a list. Which means it’s going to take some forethought and planning on your part.
  3. Find new recipes. Search for new and healthy recipes for breakfast and lunch. Mix it up.
  4. Go grocery shopping. Clear out all the junk food and sweets. Restock the pantry. Word of advice; never go grocery shopping hungry!
  5. Don’t dwell on the past. Relax. Don’t freak out. Beating yourself up about past mistakes won’t do you any good. We’re all imperfect and slip up from time to time. Take responsibility and acknowledge the fact that you indulged too much and move forward. Re-think your goals, be realistic, and put them into action.
  6. Start your own health blog or journal. This will really keep you accountable. This is how I held myself accountable during the beginning months of my fitness and weight loss journey.

 How do you get back on track when you’ve fallen off the healthy wagon?

Until next time, don’t give up on your goals!


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