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This weather is so disrespectful to my beauty routine. I really wish that someone other than Mother Nature would be in charge of this hideous weather because she is failing miserably.


Last summer when my hair was at least five inches shorter, I was able to rock the wet and go. Or at least my version of it using rollers. Now, my hair is to my shoulders and all the hot hair in my face is not the option to select once the weather rises about 80 degrees. Something had to give!

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Getting ready to accept my award at #FFFWeek

I was sweating like a donkey, who had lost its way underground at the New York subway station, during my son’s graduation when I remembered that I had bobby pins in my purse. Although my hair was super cute and swiftly pushed to the side with bouncy curls to match, I could not take it. I took large sections of my curls and randomly pinned them to my head out of my face. It wasn’t until I got home that I looked in the mirror and said, “oh hey cute hair”!

Here we are mid-summer and I’ve claimed my signature updo–much like my homegirl (in my mind) Janelle Monae. No one believed me when I said it only took ten minutes, so here’s my proof:

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