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We’re now knee-deep into the holiday season. You’ve probably got at least 4 parties lined up in the next few weeks. It’s also the time of the year when folks are standing in long lines for gifts and spending nights wrapping gifts. But above all its the time of year when we all get to spend time together.


We’re all gearing up to wear our best looks, salivating over the eggnog, and keeping our eyes on every doorway for the mistletoe. Holiday parties are in full effect and it’s best that you are ready. Going to parties and making it through each party can be somewhat overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a post about holiday party survival tips? AYE! I’m here to make sure you are prepped to be the bell of the holiday ball.


Whether you’re going to a family holiday party, or your job’s annual “no spouses allowed” party, knowing do’s and don’ts is a must. We’ll start with prepping for the party, then getting to the party, and ultimately how to actually be present at the party!

Prepping for the party


holiday party

Know what kind of holiday party you’re attending.

All holiday parties are not created equal. You’ll interact with countless personalities and depending on the atmosphere, your level of decorum needs to match.

I don’t want you to be the one showing up to the fancy/classy holiday party acting like you’re going to your homegirl’s holiday basement party. But on the flip side, don’t show up to your office party like you’re meeting the president.

Most invites will give you the heads up on what to expect. That also includes invited guests. Be sure to ask if you can bring a friend. Don’t be that person to show up with two extra friends when the invite was only meant for you.

Schedule accordingly. 

This time of the year some of you might be inundated with holiday invites–from your office holiday party to your best friend’s ugly sweater party. And if you’re that social butterfly, you going to try to make a cameo at all or at least most of them. Once you get an invite, add it to your calendar (all phones have them, so NO EXCUSES). It’s the best way to see all times and locations. If there are parties on the same date, be mindful to let the hosts know that’ll either arrive late or leave early.

Plan your outfits. 

Obviously, you want to be the best-dressed girl twirling her life away with a glass of eggnog. So actually take your time to figure out what you’re going to wear. But when in doubt, go dressy! You can never go wrong with a LBD, great shoes and sparkly accessories for any holiday party.

Go To The Party

woman getting dressed

Check the weather before getting dressed. Depending on where you live it will most likely be cold. You want to make sure that if you plan to wear stockings or tights, the dress doesn’t show your control tops.

Have your comfortable shoes on hand. If your mode of transportation is public, plan to have your comfortable shoes in your bag. Nothing is worse, or more hilarious, than seeing a girl wobble the entire evening because her feet are literally on fire in her shoes.

It’s ok to be fashionably late. 

Let’s be real, unless this party is at a catering hall, that 8 o’clock start time is probably not a hard 8 pm. You can roll in around 8:30 ish. I mean, have you ever been to a party that started on time? I digress! More often than not, the invite time is for those that are notoriously hours late. They’ll show up right when everyone else shows up thus making them on time… kinda! There is plenty time for you to take the extra selfie in the mirror or group shots in the hallway.

At The Party

holding christmas giftsDon’t come empty-handed. 

If you’re attending a party at someone’s house, be thoughtful enough to at least bring a bottle of wine. You can never go wrong with extra alcohol. And if you don’t drink it at the party… then hey that’s what after parties are for!

Make small talk. 

The point of going to parties is to hang out, mingle, and in most cases, network. Small talk will happen so be prepared for it. Sometimes we all attend parties where we may not know everyone. So it is best to brush up on those people skills. And always have a few business cards on hand.

Don’t drink too much.

This should go without saying! Any time you’re with a group of people (who may not all be your besties) limit your alcohol intake. Please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t drink too much. This is not the club, or strip joint. You look too cute to be the girl on the table with garland around your head, looking to pull every guy under the mistletoe.

Know when it’s time to leave. 

For catered affairs they usually have a four-hour time limit. And they make you leave. Don’t be the straggler at the house party. Please be considerate of the host or hostess, take your butt home!

Social Media At Parties

Ultimate Holiday Party Survival Guide

I know with the world we live, we want to document everything we do and the places we go. But holiday parties can be tricky.  I would say know where you’re at before you get Facebook Live crazy.

If it’s people you know (friends family or an annual party you go to) pretty much Instagram your little heart away.

If it’s an office party or more of a catered/formal affair, air on the side of caution and be selective about when and what you post.

Always make sure that your post is flattering and not detrimental to someone’s image. All in all leave the red plastic cups out the picture (pun definitely intended).

So there you have it folks. My ultimate holiday party survival guide. I know that was a lot for you to think about. Just know that if I see you on Instagram dancing on the table with a red plastic cup and some garland wrapped around your head, I will judge all of your life (totally not kidding).


What are some of your Holiday Survival Tips?


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