HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDEIt’s officially the holiday season. And with Christmas right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about meaningful gifts for our loved ones. This holiday guide, in particular, is geared towards the special gifts for the entrepreneurs in our lives that won’t break the bank.


Entrepreneurs are generally overtired after embarking on such difficult business journeys full of highs and lows (trust me, I know). And at any level, entrepreneurs can use special tools or an overall “pick-me-up” to motivate, whether it be a quick self-care boost or some gadget to catapult them to the next level.


When searching for the perfect gifts, it is important to factor in both usefulness and quality; the creativity factor is the ultimate bonus. That being said, what are some go-to gifts for entrepreneurs?


Listen, it’s coffee over everything. No matter what, coffee (or tea) will bring a smile to anyone’s face–the smell, the instant boost, the sugary goodness…I’m telling you, your entrepreneur friends will love you forever. How about a single cup Keurig machine for the office (if you really love the person), statement mugs, k-cups, cafe gift card or exotic tea!


Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee



The mind of an entrepreneur is a pretty busy mind. What better way than to dump those brilliant ideas on paper for a later revisit? Keep in mind, one could never have too many journals and pens handy.

Holiday Guide: Journals


Laptop Portable Lap Desk

This s a pretty cool gadget for entrepreneurs on the go, or even those who like to work from bed *raises hand shamelessly*. This is like a mini desk without the bulky legs–portable and totally usable! And they come in cute colors too!

Holiday Guide: Laptop

Luggage/Luggage Tags, Passport Holder or Tote

Most entrepreneurs are always on the go and need a reliable set of travel gear to keep them running smoothly during travel. Luggage is a completely timeless gift and will forever be appreciated.

Holiday Guide: luggage


Wellness Kit – Umbrella, Poncho, Hat, Scarf, Gloves, Blanket, Vitamins, Sleep Mask

And last, but certainly not least, self-care kits are simply amazing! With Winter on the horizon and the New Year approaching, many entrepreneurs will be gearing up for their new/improved 2016 business plans. A custom wellness kit should cover weather-related needs, as well as some self-care products (i.e., vitamins, sleep gear and candles).

holiday guide:self care


Text by Valerie Robinson
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