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Hey Fit Fam!


Do you find yourself getting hungry in the afternoons with nothing at your desk to munch on? Which leads you down the hall to that vending machine full of unhealthy goodness. Well, I’m going to need you to back away from that machine nice and slow. That vending machine full of junk may be there when you need them but it’s really not your friend. Stop scarfing down the wrong things while at work just because it’s convenient. That’s my nice way of saying, stop being lazy. OK!

Here are a few healthy snacks you can prep and pack for work and eat while at your desk, guilt-free and easy.

1. Skim mozzarella cheese sticks

Eating mozzarella cheese sticks offers a good source of protein, which is important for muscle maintenance and energy. Mozzarella is also a good source of calcium. It contains biotin, vitamin B 6, and niacin.


 2. Greek-style yogurt sweetened with a tsp of honey, granola or cut up fresh fruit

Blueberries and yogurt are rich in nutrients and low in calories. Blueberries contain high amounts of antioxidants. 1-6 ounce container of non-fat yogurt contains 7 grams of protein.


3. Hard-boiled Omega-3 eggs

Eggs are the king of protein and unsaturated fat. You need protein to build muscle mass. One large hard-boiled egg provides more than 6 grams of protein. Boiled eggs are easy and require little preparation.


4. Kind Bar with Almond Butter or Peanut Butter

Kind Bars are a healthy snack packed with a blend of almonds. Gluten free, non- GMO and low in sodium. All Kind Bars are 230 in calories with 10 grams of protein. Adding almond or peanut butter just takes this delicious bar to another level of yumminess full of vitamin E.


5. Humus (Red Roasted Pepper) and crackers

Humus provides you with protein and a number of essential vitamin and minerals, and while it can be high in fat, it is mostly heart-healthy unsaturated fat.


 6. Green smoothie with kale, collard or spinach

Green smoothies are full nutrients but they depend greatly on the amount of veggies and fruits used. If you’re not a fan of eating your veggies, this is a perfect way to get those veggies in without noticing it. And it’s a great source of natural energy. Low in calories. Easy to digest they keep you hydrated. All it takes a few minutes to plan, prep and blend. For yummy smooth recipes, head over to Green Smoothie  Girl


7. A handful (1 ounce) of  nuts – any variety, packaged or bulk fresh

Almonds are loaded with minerals and the healthiest of the tree nuts. A handful a day promotes heart health and prevent weight gain. Almonds are also rich in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Keeping you full and satisfied so as to avoid overeating.


8. Almond Butter Rice Cakes and Banana’s:

Rice cakes with almond butter just takes it to a whole nutha’ level! It’s simply delish and filling. Just the right amount sweetness and crunch within each bite. Great as a snack or breakfast. Low in calories.

Screenshot_2015-05-12-21-05-56-1 SO what are YOUR favorite healthy snacks?


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