Gorgeous In Grey Blue hair photo 1

Yep that’s bright blue hair!


During the NYFW event I hosted with Kela and Christen I was introduced to Inglot’s body pigment powder. Here’s how it went down.

I was working the room saying my “hey girl heys” to all the pretty girls who came out (which was basically everyone) when I said hi to one woman I noticed she had fresh fuchsia curls.


Without even thinking about what this product could or would not do to my hair, I asked the makeup artist to apply the same gorgeous pigment on a few of my strands. I picked blue because…well I don’t really have a reason. But after looking at them, they all look rather stunning, yes.

inglot body pigment powder

I don’t think the pigments are actually designed for your hair but they work so why not right. It’s really easy to apply on your hair though. You add a few drops of Duraline (a silicone polymer waterless clear liquid that transforms any powder into liquid) to the powder and BOOM you are fabulously colorful.

I wouldn’t recommend putting heat to your hair with this product on. I have no idea what that would actually do, but I feel like it wouldn’t be a great idea.

gorgeous in grey blue hair

This was before I added more product.

So now I am totally debating whether or not I should do blue hair. I would never do my entire head, so that’s not an option. But I do like the little pop of color that I have now. The bad part about this product is that it’s messy. By the time I am finished applying this stuff to my hair my nails are tinted blue and I’ve successfully painted the bathroom sink.

But here’s my other dilemma. If I get temporary color what will this crap look like as it fades away? Will it damage my hair in the process? So many questions.

So help! What should I do?

ty blue hair gorgeous in grey

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