Tweet this, facebook that, stumple upon that, digg on this, buzz about that, get linked in – and I have no idea what networks like Dzone, Reddit, or Delicious do … OMGeezy! It seems like every few months there’s a different social networking platform to learn.

Welcome Google+. A new social network that Google claims to be the end all and be all of social networking. With a design very close to Facebook and the ability to search and share at the same time it just might be true.


I confess. When I got my Google+ invite from a fellow blogger I was pumped just off the internet hype. All the blogs were chatting about this great Google product that was fitting to wipe Facebook completely out? WORD!?

I wasn’t sold until about 8 minutes ago. You guys know I am a total Tweetheart and I never go 10 minutes without tweeting my life away. Although Google+ and Facebook are at war, it’s now clear what side Twitter is on. If you’re on Google+ now you may notice a Twitter icon at the top which displays your tweets, dm’s, and everything else twitter related right there on your Google+ stream. (does cartwheels) I am never logging into to again! 

A FEW THINGS I LOVE ABOUT GOOGLE+ … (1) The Android app is way cool! There is a sync option that will notify you of new images and videos on your phone. Or in my case my new Android Acer tablet (Abby). (2) I haven’t actually researched what the status word count is.. but it’s more than 140 characters and more than what Facebook allows also. (3) You can create unlimited sparks. Simply put, these are your customized Google searches within Google+. From each spark you can share anything from around the internet. (4) As I stated before, you can now tweet from Google+, but only from your pc not the app!







A few things I hate about Google+ … (1) You can only reply to a conversation/status that someone has posted. You cannot post something directly to their page. You can send someone a message but it seems weird and complicated so never mind. (2) Because it’s invite only it’s quite boring at times because not many of our friends are at the party? I can go hours without logging in and not miss a thing. (3) Similar to having an unprotected account on Twitter, there is no approval process for who follows you. People simply add you to whatever circle they’ve created on their account. You do have the ability to block them if you choose.

Will Google+ replace Facebook? … If Facebook continues adding more and more adverts and forcing me to live chat when I don’t want to – maybe. If Google+ continues to grow by the millions per minute and tweak more features – maybe. If Google+ gets really really really smart and figures out how to fuse every great thing about Twitter and Facebook I say YES! I think if nothing else we can all agree on is that it’s more than annoying to log on to this and then that or sync this and that. How perfect would social networking be if we could log onto one thing that syncs everything and is pleasing to the eye?

Q: Are you on Google+ (find me) tell me what you think?




  1. July 19, 2011 / 9:00 pm

    I like it so far but I need to spend more time testing it out. Lots of bells and whistles that I havent gotten the hang of just yet

    • Gorgeous In Grey
      July 19, 2011 / 9:52 pm

      My fav part by far is the sync of the images. My facebook app on my phone tends to suck so I never upload them. On Google+ its like a reminder “Hey you got pics to share!”

  2. July 23, 2011 / 4:41 pm

    I linked my Twitter account but my feed doesn’t connect. Whatever I post on Google+ goes to my Twitter now? Not vice versa? I agree. If Google can combine the pros of Facebook and Twitter and make one happy place then it’s great but right now there’s a lot of work to be done.

    • Gorgeous In Grey
      July 25, 2011 / 11:55 am

      Linking your Twitter and Facebook is just to display those accounts. And IDK what happened to the Twitter button BUT it’s now GONE!

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