7 Gifts You Could Buy That Are Perfect For The Girl Who Has It All

Siblings–check! Mom and dad–check! A gift for the girl who has it all… let the blank stares and panic settle in because finding her something is going to be quite the task.


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1. A Massager: 

Her closet could be mistaken for your favorite department stores. She has her own M.A.C. counter sitting on her vanity, her living space is your inspiration for a dream renovation, and anything you had on your “I think this gift would work” list she’s already shared with her Instagram family of stalkers and beauty fiends.

She may have made your job a little more difficult, but she also just forced you to tap into your creative side. Check out these gift ideas that are perfect to give to the girl who has it all.

Sure you could find a spa to send her to but don’t you want to give her the gift that keeps on giving. This Prospera Neck and Shoulder Massager can be used over and over again to wind down or to relieve stress. And the best part, she never has to leave the house.


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