Ladies how many times do we get excited when our hubbies, or boyfriends buys us a gift just because? You know that gift he gets you on a random Wednesday. Or that gift just to say how proud he is of you. I don’t know about you but I know I love when my guy writes me little notes, or brings me a rose, or buys me slippers because he knows how my feet freeze when it gets cold outside. It really is the thought that counts!


But what if we flipped it and bought our guys a “just because” gift. I’m sure not only would he appreciate it, but would be completely surprised. So we over here at GIG made a list of awesome “just because” gifts for your boyfriend.

  1. Treat him to a nice shave


Personally I like my guy with a little facial hair. But there is nothing more sexy than a man who has a fresh shape up or is freshly shaved. It’s almost like when we get our hair done, we feel like a new woman. That’s our “take care of yourself” time. Get him a gift certificate to places like The Art of Shaving. Most of their locations have a Barber Spa there so he can feel refreshed any time.

  1. Gadgets & Gizmos


Let’s be real ladies, our guys like their electronics. This is kind of a loaded option because there are so many things out there to choose from. Your guy may like the Kindle Fire, or the new FitBit, or the new Samsung watch, or even a new camera. Which ever direction you choose to go, as long as it’s practical your guy will love it and get use out of it.

  1. Cufflinks


We all know a well suited man is just the ‘bees nees” Aside from a well-tailored suit, a button up with a great tie (and matching pocket square) for a guy no look is complete without a pair of cuff links. And the awesome thing is they make cufflinks for every single one of his interest; from his fave sports team to his fraternity.

Cufflinks from Nordstrom

Cufflinks from Overstock

Cufflinks from Neiman Marcus

  1. Sports Tickets

sports tickets

I know tickets to football games, basketball games, baseball games or any other sporting event isn’t cheap. But I’m pretty sure your guy would absolutely enjoy it. Now you can go about this 1 of 2 ways. You can buy a pair so that you and him can go with him & make it date night. Or you can buy pair & tell him to take his best friend, let them have a guys night. Talk about brownie points ladies. Either way he’ll love it. He gets to watch his favorite team, have a beer or 2 and it’s all because of you.

  1. Cookbooks


Cookbooks for guys really are a hit. Some men genuinely like to experiment with different foods & dishes in the kitchen. Having previously worked in Barnes & Noble the options for cookbooks geared toward men has come a looooooong way. If you know he’s the worldly type get him on that offers multiple domestic & international dishes. If he’s the simpler type, there are plenty of cookbooks that allow him to put his own spin on childhood classic dishes.

The Real Man’s Cookbook

A Man, A Can, A Plan

Recipes Every Man Should Know

  1. Drink mix set

drink shaker set

I figure some guys like to entertain. It makes him feel good when he can invite some friends over and he came make them drinks while they play cards or watching them game. Don’t get it twisted this won’t replace the must have solo red plastic cups. But for the times when he wants to be the grown man, this can do it.

This nice 5 stainless steel set from Amazon is perfect

7. Fixed Jewelry

repairing jewelry

I’m sure some of you are like huh? Guys are just like us ladies, they have that favorite chain or necklace that could use a new clasp, or watch that needs a new battery. I’m sure he would really appreciate that you took the time to get his favorite piece of jewelry working like new.

  1. Business Card Holder

business card holder

The business card holder really is self-explanatory. This day in age, networking is huge, help your guy look even more impressive with a nice business card holder.

Things Remembered


Saks 5th Avenue

9.  Pen Set

Balmain Pen Set

I have to credit my guy for this idea. But when he mentioned it I thought it made a lot of sense. As our guys move & groove through their day, they will inevitably need to sign something. I’m pretty sure he would enjoy a nice sturdy pen that he can keep in his shirt pocket and use at a moment’s notice.

Balmain Paris Pen Set

10. Lingerie Set

lingerie collage

Ok this one is for both you and him lol lingerie can make you feel sexy and put you into a certain frame of mind wink wink. But also it’s nice to surprise your man with something fun & sexy. Once you hit a certain point in your relationship, someone times the cute lingerie starts to fall further down on your list. So maybe on a Friday night or Saturday night, put the kids to bed early (if you have them) and have a quality couple time.

Curvy Girl Lingerie

Curvy Kate Lingerie Collection

Hips & Curves Lingerie

Adore Me

I hope these options make your guy happy. I’m sure just putting a smile on his face is all you need.





  1. October 7, 2014 / 9:14 am

    I tried the cookbook thing one year and it still sits on our shelf collecting dust 🙁
    These are great gift ideas though.

    Bianca @ Elle B Styles

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