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For me, watching TV show requires my Twitter family (hey y’all) and a few cocktails. It’s just better TV when you have your favorite digital friends around to talk ish with. And the cocktails are an obvious need want.


But everyone isn’t a bartender and cocktails can go real wrong, really quick. So in the spirit of Tweetwatching, it’s only right that I bless you with some cocktail recipes.

rosa regale cocktails

Rosa Regale EMPIRE® Signature Cocktails

  • The Conqueror

4oz Rosa Regale

1oz Grand Marnier

2oz Mango Nectar

Garnish with a pineapple cube and a strawberry 

  • Lyon’s Roar

4oz Rosa Regale

2oz Hennessy Back

1oz Ginger Ale

Garnish with blackberries

  • Kitty Cocktail

4oz Rosa Regale

2oz Ciroc Red Berry

1oz Cranberry Juice

Rosa Regale Signature Cocktail

  • Sangria Rosa

Equal parts Raspberry Vodka and chilled Rosa Regale with fresh muddled strawberries and pineapple


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