Blogging Webinars & Courses

When I started blogging in 2010 there was no blueprint or manual for us. We learned everything by trail and error (mostly error). So I’ve created a few online classes where I share all the different things I’ve learned since starting my blogging career. These classes will all be 45-60 minutes long. My goal is to help you smash your personal and professional goals whether you are a new blogger/site owner or a vet like me!

Each class has 30 spots so that I can interact with everyone. I’ll leave room for Q&A at the end of each class.

Below is a full list of the classes available. Click on the link above each photo to get a detailed description and find the class that’s right for you!

Blogging 101 Intensive

Beasting Your SEO

Learn to tell stories in color

Let’s Stop Writing Boring Headlines, K!


From her signature strands of luscious grey hair to her notable career as a digital influencer and social media strategist, Ty Alexander carries a presence that in a word, is undeniable. Through her wildly popular blog,, she has become a leading authority in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related content. She has been featured in or on notable media outlets such as Redbook, Real Simple, CNN, O Magazine, Essence, and EBONY magazines; and was a 2016 BlogHer Voices of the Year nominee. Hailed as a must-read for women in search of guidance on how to make sense of their own grieving process, her debut book, Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died, is available in bookstores everywhere.

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