FYI, if you didn’t know already… you need these “I Wanna F*ck Rihanna tee shirts. WHY you ask. To satisfy the creep inside all of us. Yes that’s the affectionate tag line used by Dope.Boy.Magic shop on their site.

XO to my boo Marcus for instagramming these way-too-cute and oh-so-true-to-life tees. I mean don’t we all wanna fu*k Rihanna. *giggles*


And for a whooping $45 you too can sport this tee shirt. I know… I hear your le sighs because I am actually doing a couple myself. I truly believe I could werk the hell outta these tees. Style ’em up with the right heel or even my new sneaker wedges. But forty-five dollars! Man, lissen…

[portfolio_slideshow id=9797]

Oh I am so torn. Should I indulge? That price is really hurtin’ my feelings. I mean like seriously Mr Dope Boy Magic, it’s freaking cotton. OOOO I wonder if he’ll send me one for a giveaway? You’d share if you won right? LOL. Anyways! Leave me a picture on my facebook wall if you end up buying it!

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