Destination Heal SelfCare IRL DC

8/18/18 will forever be a day of change and absolute clarity for me. We hosted our first Self Care IRL event in DC for our Destination Heal champions. You beauties know I’ve been unwillingly living in a place of uncertainty for a while. I’ve been pushing through my own doubts and negative self-talk. This event was the first thing I did with my eyes closed. In front of 27 women searching for life-shifting healing moments, I led a full-day of workshops and activities along with my minister Shanè Williams and self-love leader Tracy G.

Destination Heal SelfCare IRL DC


Before I begin to tell you how amazing this event was, I have to give a huge thank you to my family over at Palmer’s. My first event would not have been possible without the support of them and I am forever grateful. When I was thinking of a brand that I could partner with for my first event I knew that Palmer’s was the only brand that I wanted to help lead the day.

A part of my self-care not only involves daily affirmations and prayer but it also focuses very heavily on skin care. Palmer’s is one of the biggest skin care brands in the world. Our goals for taking care of women perfectly align!

Destination Heal SelfCare IRL DC

We opened up the morning with reflection. Each woman received a journal. I placed a random question in each journal. The ladies had 20 minutes to write down their thoughts. I am not a believer in coincidences and this exercise proved my theory. All of them were moved and in shock of how they related to the question. Questions like: What does the dark allow me to see? What do I stand for? Where is that special place in the world that makes you feel peaceful and calm, and that you can carry everywhere in your thoughts?

Destination Heal SelfCare IRL DC

I swear to you it was a tear fest from the moment we closed the doors to the event. Each activity not only brought them closer to their healing but closer to each other. I was worried that the connection would be slow if at all. I looked up during the third session and I began to walk over to comfort someone crying when the women across from her had already jumped out of her seat to hug her and hold her hand. I just cried.

Destination Heal SelfCare IRL DC

We tackled forgiveness and why it’s so necessary for our healing, failed friendships and what to do when it’s truly over, and what the lessons from massive disappointment can teach us. Tracy G showered us with affirmations that we could use after our event and her I ended with a candid conversation about growth.

Destination Heal SelfCare IRL DC

Magical AF! That’s what 8/18/18 was for us. As I reflect, I’m thankful to the 27 women who decided to take a chance on me, and my team, and allowed us to spend the day digging through their mental baggage to find their authentic souls. No one left the room without releasing a few thug tears. We laughed. I banged on the table Iyanla style “Not on my watch!”. And we’re officially throwing all the tummies away!

I cannot wait until our next event. Check out a snippet of the day in the above below and be sure to sign up for exclusive updates, I promise we are working on the next thing!


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