YAS BIH! I’m sorry for language but this new collection from Courtney Noelle has given me enough life of dopeness to be completely content until…her next collection drops. Noelle’s “More than Pretty” campaign is “a call to women to show how dope we are beyond how nice we can dress and beat our faces”. Well, you right!


This campaign aligns with her belief that beauty manifests itself in more ways than physical attractiveness. Women have dynamic personalities, careers, and lives but so much focus is paid on how women look.  This affirmation reminds us that we are living full lives and how we look is only one facet of our lives.

Courtney’s inspiration:

I was inspired by media. I would get so annoyed when reading comments about a woman who did some amazing thing and all the comments were about her appearance! Women are always reduced to what we’re wearing, how we look, what size we are etc, completely ignoring our accomplishments and talents. We get stuck in the space of superficial beauty and More Than Pretty is a way to expand how we see ourselves and how others see us. I’m an artist, business owner, scholar, etc…pretty is on the list…but there is a list.

So let me tell you what I ordered so that you can order something else. That duster and that bodysuit are MINE and I dare you to buy them. Well you can buy them but if you plan on wearing them, drop me a tweet or something!

And since I love you, below you can flip through the new collection and click the link to buy! XOXO

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“More Than Pretty” Kat Leggings


The Kat leggings are perfect for those of us who want to be a mermaid but don’t have fins! haha! Kat is fully lined in black and has an elastic waistband.

Fabric: Sequin
Color: Blue/Green iridescent
Care: Wash Cold/ Line Dry

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