Boss Blueprints Ep 2

I decided to launch my latest interview series, #BossBlueprints because I was getting an abundance of questions about my entrepreneurial journey. This is my second interview that I will be doing LIVE on The first interview I did with Tahira from The Cut Life. If you missed it, catch those tweets here (there are some gems).


For episode 2, I will be doing a LIVE interview with Arsha Jones from Tees In The Trap. If you don’t know who she is, allow me to catch you up!

Besides being the founder of the ever-so-popular tee shirt company Tees In The Trap, Arsha Jones has spent the past 20 years in web design and technology. She’s a smart cookie! Jones earned a bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (Go Rams!) and has a serious passion for marketing. She began making a name for herself online with her first blog, Brand, Build and Sell, in 2009.


Jones considers herself a new-age entrepreneur. I know, I know…what does that mean? Basically, instead of focusing on building one company, she taps into her creative side and launches various brands across different markets.

In 2011 she co-founded Capital City, which produces a regional wing sauce called Mambo Sauce, native to the Greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area (where my DMV folks at?!). Three years later she launched Tees in the Trap, an apparel and lifestyle goods company that creates products with hip-hop and pop-culture themes. In the near future, she plans on launching additional lifestyle brands and iPhone apps.

With unlimited access to information and resources, Arsha Jones believes that no one should feel locked into any one idea. Most entrepreneurs are multi-talented with varying interests and Jones continues to tackle multiple projects, ideas and inspirations with that mindset.

This will be an interview you do not want to miss, make sure you RSVP here!


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  1. Bridgette Williams
    April 9, 2016 / 8:28 pm

    Hello. I hope all is well! I was watching the video a few weekends ago with Ashra Jones. Something happened and I could not finish watching the rest of the video. Is there anyway you can send me a link? Thank you!

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