black blogger month

It’s Black Blogger Month over at and I’ve been selected (among a host of other fabulous bloggers) as a featured blogger. I remember last year when all of my favorite blogger friends, turned boos, won and I thought to myself… that will be me soon.



Well, fast forward to exactly one year later and I’s here! (LOL, shameless The Color Purple joke)

The BE article highlights why I started my blog, how I decided on the name Gorgeous In Grey, and what I hope that you guys gain from reading my blog. I am beyond humbled to be acknowledged for my blogging efforts and even more wowed to be included with so many of my peers and other bloggers that I’ve looked up to since I started writing. 

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Admitting that she’s had a thing for hot red lipstick since she was a kid, there’s no question that Ty is the sassy, go-to voice for women searching for ways to spruce up their fly and mature look, or just looking for the best products to match their everyday persona. From Baltimore to New York, Fly Ty has become a boisterous voice in fashion, and slowly becoming a sought after blogger for brands across the country.

(read the entire article here)

Umm so yea… y’all really think I am sassy and boisterous? (wait, never mind.. don’t answer that!)

Please go and read the article and leave comments on their page, ya know… just to show support and let them know they made a good choice!


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  1. Joanna
    July 19, 2013 / 9:47 pm

    Yayyy! Huge Congrats!

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