I love going out and seeing my best gal pals, but I can’t be out all the time. Good thing I love to entertain. So what’s the easiest way you’re guaranteed to have a good time with your girls without all the hassle? All you need is a Netflix account (or access to one, because, hey, all you friends who share your passwords, you the real MVP), some cocktails and some snacks.


Here are the best Netflix movies you can watch right now with your girls for a night of debaucherous fun.

1. Mommie Dearest

mommie-dearestStart with this one! Seriously, if one of your girls has not seen this movie, question her! And if you’re one of these women, do yourself a favor and do some homework first, and catch this flick. It’s a campy adaptation of Hollywood screen legend Joan Crawford and the life she had with two of her children. Simply put, this woman was the devil, and Faye Dunaway’s portrayal of the washed up screen gem was perfection! And it has quotables for days. Wire hangers, anyone?

2. A Different World

a-different-world1Who doesn’t love an episode of our favorite Hillman gang? This one would be perfect for a drinking game. Every time Whitley says, “D-wayneee,” take a sip!

 3. What Happened, Miss Simone?

nina simoneI will admit, I don’t know much about Miss Nina Simone, so to learn about one of our country’s most legendary singer-songwriters with your friends is sure to be an eye-opening, enjoyable moment.

4. Beyond the Lights

beyond the lightsIt’s definitely no Love & Basketball, but if you’re looking for a great romance with music, with fine ass Nate Parker (who takes his shirt off a few times, too), your friends will thank you.

5. Blackfish

BLACKFISH_Film_PosterWho knew Sea World was so bad? I didn’t until I saw this documentary. It will never make you want to go to Sea World again – which is a great thing – and maybe even want to save every single whale in the world. Friends down for a cause stay friends forever. #NeverForget.

6. Clueless

cher-clueless-33982214-1280-720For obvious reasons! Recite the movie together dressed in your best 90’s ‘fits. Make it an event!

7. Paris Is Burning

paris-is-burning-movie-still-1This is a must see, and it will have you screaming “Yassssss!” in your seats while making the Kerry Washington “you right” face to your girls. Paris is Burning is a doc filmed over several years in the ’80s about the NYC LGBT community, filled with drag queen balls. If anything, see it just to get an in-depth look at where voguing and the vernacular of today comes from.

8. Orange is the New Black


Believe it or not, there are some people out there who still haven’t seen Orange is the New Black. Turn on the first season, and they’ll be hooked after three episodes and won’t be able to get enough of Crazy Eyes and crew.

9. The Gabby Douglas Story

The-Gabby-Douglas-Story-3-Imani-HakimOkay, you’re right. Sometimes Lifetime doesn’t always get it right (remember the Aaliyah biopic?), but The Gabby Douglas Story scored high marks from the Russian judges with this portrayal of the first black gymnast to win the All-Around Championship at the Olympics. Everybody needs a little touch of #BlackGirlMagic that inspires them, and this will do it.

So did we miss any? What movies are you beauties swooning over?



  1. July 23, 2015 / 4:46 pm

    I love Mommie Dearest, it is because of this movie that wire hangers are not allowed in my house. Lol!!

    • Ariel Cherie
      July 28, 2015 / 11:28 am

      I think that’s a good reason to banish them! LOL

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