Believe it or not, packing for a weekend getaway can be even more complex than packing for an extended vacation. You may be tempted to bring everything you own for a four day stay at a resort but you’ll be surprised at how a few beauty items will carry you through the weekend.


Don’t go to your next resort under or overpacked. Check out these six beauty items you’ll need to bring, and the one you should leave at home, to survive a weekend at a resort


Facial Mask

A relaxing weekend getaway is the perfect time to give your skin some TLC! Keep up your beauty routine and carve away 15 minutes to use your favorite face mask.


Beachy vacays are all about soaking up the sun but you don’t want to soak in harmful UVA/UVB rays! One bottle of sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher please, will get you through the entire vacation. Just make sure it’s Broad Spectrum so your skin is protected on cloudy days too!

Lip Balm with sunscreen

The only thing worse than chapped lips is sunburned lips. Fight both with a chapstick that contains SPF 15.

Powder foundation

A resort weekend is the best time to be low maintenance, but if you DO decide to get glam you’ll likely be too hot for heavy makeup. Pack a lightweight (but buildable) powder foundation that will give you a smooth finish without melting down your face.

An all-in-one palette

Normally I’d say carry a full eye shadow palette with a variety of options, but if you’re gone for a low-key weekend, how many eye catching looks will you really rock? Pick a palette that contains the basics, like Urban Decay’s Naked on the Run, for times you want to look a little fancy!

Sample sized fragrance

How much perfume can you wear in 3-4 days? Likely no more than a sample size or two. If you don’t have a rollerball of your favorite fragrance, bring 1-4 sample sizes – you know, like the type you get from Birchbox – and you’ll have more than enough fragrance to get through your trip!

What NOT to bring:

While you’re packing all these items to keep you glam during a vacation make sure you leave one thing at home: HEAT TOOLS!

It’s tempting to use tools to perfect your look but if you can’t create beachy waves sans heat then fuhgeddabout it! Resort time is about relaxing and you don’t want to waste hours of your vacation getting ready each day. If your hair is curly or wavy let it flourish in it’s natural state with a lightweight moisturizer.

If you want to create waves in straight hair braid strands overnight or scrunch with your favorite mousse or gel and water and voila!


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