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Last night, I hung out with my blogger boos for an intimate girls night out on Broadway sponsored by Have To Have.


Even though I’m no Broadway buff, I was kinda geeked about the experience. And if I should ever make my “NY Bucket List” (full of tourist-y things I wanna do in NYC) I can officially cross off going to a Broadway play.


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This global warming weather that we are experiencing was kinda perfect last night. I wore my leatherette jacket from Forever21, turquoise lace skater dress from Wet Seal, and my fave scarf that was gifted from Sophia Costas (scroll down to get my look).

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There was a pizza party before hand that I sadly missed because I was slaving away at my keyboard at work. But I did get to met up with Meagan from Little Lime Dress, Tamara from The Curvy Socialite, & Kim from The Curvy Spot. LOVE THEM GALS! XO

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Did you know a Coke and M&M’s on Broadway were $12! Sheesh. But it was so worth. The Heiress was an amazing play. I walked in thinking, three hours… oh hell, I’m leaving at intermission. But then the story got good, and I had to see who she ended up with in the end. 

Anyways. Here’s where you can get my look!

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