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I’ve realized that no matter how hard I try, false lashes and I are not friends. I spend hours in front of my mirror trying to apply them only to end up looking like the original Spider Woman. And then what’s even worst is that they end up falling off midday. Not only do they fall off, but this usually happens at the most inconvenient time. Like when I’m in a very important client meeting and just as I give a soft blink as a sign of my approval, poof they’re gone.


Well I’m determined not to be made a fool of anymore. So here’s some much-needed advice on what we’re doing wrong (notice how I said we!).

false lashes


1. Brush your real lashes first, before curling them. This will help to volumize your lashes, both real and false, and make the whole lash application process easier as well.
2. Measure the length of your fake lashes before applying, and adjust accordingly with scissors.
3. Use a good quality glue. Research the brands before you buy them.
4. Apply mascara and eye shadow to even out your look.


5. Be hasty — this takes time! The reward will be well worth the effort if you take the time to apply lashes the right way.
6. Wait to place lashes onto your lash line until the glue has firmed up a bit. This will prevent them from sliding around and will save you some frustration.
7. Get lashes that are too long for your eyes. You don’t want them attacking your eyebrows!
8. Yank them off. Instead, use eye makeup remover, and gently separate the false lashes from the real ones.
9. Leave them on for longer than a day. Ideally, remove the false lashes before you go to sleep the same day you apply them.

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