5 ways to get fit without running

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Hey beauties! Jordan here, and today I’m gonna tell you all about how to get that crazy fit body that you’ve dreamed of–without running!


Listen, running isn’t for everyone, and ever since I had issues with my knees (the struggle is real), it’s too stressful on my body for me to go running often. I’ve actually managed to stay in shape without running. I’ve been lucky enough to meet other women and men who are fit, but they didn’t have to go running to maintain their shape. So here’s 5 ways to get fit, but without the stressful motion that running places on your body!

5 ways to get fit without running

1. Yoga/Pilates

Yoga has been a well-kept celeb secret for years now, but as of today, it’s something that everyday people can do too. There are so many yoga and pilates studios that the everyday person can go to, most offering a free week or class option! And as an added bonus, if you live in cities like New York, Los Angeles, or London, there are even apps that you can use and have specialized trainers who can come to your house or apartment and give you a 1-on-1 session.

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2. Bicycling

Ever wonder why those people who live in urban areas all have amazing legs? Well they bike and/or walk just about everywhere!! Biking is no secret, but it’s an amazing way to lean and tone muscles while also keeping the pressure from your knees and other leg joints. Biking goes a lot faster than walking, so you can cover more ground by simply biking instead of walking. Adding in biking instead of taking the train can go a long way in the long run.


3. Kickboxing

I did kickboxing for the first time in September and it was other worldly. You wouldn’t think that it would have such an amazing impact, but I’ve actually seen a difference since going. I don’t do it everyday, but through the few days I have participated, I can see a few inches I’ve lost off my waist and a more defined set of abs and toned legs. Kickboxing uses just about every muscle in the body, so if you’re looking for a one hour way to whittle your body into shape, kickboxing is the way to go.

beyonce yonce dancing4. Dance

With dance, there are an unlimited number of options. You can take ballet barre classes at places like Pure Barre or take hip-hop classes at the studio down the street. In the end, you end up coming out with a more fit body, but also increased rhythm. There’s a bit more stress on your body than other methods, but it is one of the more fun ways to get some exercise. Also, dance has a more longterm effect, since it can also improve brain function and health!

5 ways to get fit without running swimming

5. Swimming

Swimming is great for cardiovascular health and can increase muscle tone and flexibility quicker than most exercises can. Swimming doesn’t need to be done every day like most exercises, but also it is a quick task with little resistance. Your body weighs half its weight in water, so you’ll be able to cover a lot of distance while swimming. It can help both the mind and the body, and even though it is harder to find a pool as the weather cools down, you can join a club and have access to a (hopefully heated) pool during the winter.

Exercising is a necessary evil that everyone must partake in order to keep you in the best condition possible so you can get the most out of life. With these 5 activities, you can get your exercise in, while also making sure the more vulnerable parts of the body stay in tip-top shape!! Happy workouts!

All the love from,

Jordan Chapman, new contributing writer for GorgeousInGrey.com


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